Beautiful World

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Enjoy a 2-minute video sampler of Beautiful World below . . .

(Please note: the images in this video and other publicity are for illustration only, they do not form part of the concert which is a live performance with audio backing)

Beautiful World is an inspiring one-hour musical journey around the world, featuring the expressive and versatile sound of the solo bassoon. Join UK soloist Laurence Perkins in an evocative musical exploration which includes a Scottish mountain, the English Malvern hills, a Serenade from Mexico, Latin American tango, a beautiful flower from the Far East, a train journey from Vienna, a love song in Italy, and the high Alpine pastures of Switzerland. This unique concert features wonderful and highly original musical settings, plus natural soundscapes including birdsong and the sound of the sea. The programme also includes the legendary voice of Italian tenor Enrico Caruso singing the famous Donizetti aria 'Una furtiva lagrima' - a classic Italian love song!


What audience members have said about Beautiful World:

“… very special, beautifully put together with wonderful accompaniments”

"... a varied programme which would make any listener feel at home"

"... a fascinating programme with a lovely variety of pieces"

“… an absolutely wonderful concert experience”

“… such a variety of types of music”

“…a great joy!”


Your health and safety is top priority! This live concert performance follows COVID Government regulations, with socially distanced audience - single seats,  and ‘bubbles’ of two or three people, so you can sit with a partner or other members of your household. (More details below)

Free souvenir programme and CD with every on-line booking!
Collect these at the Welcome Desk when you arrive at the concert.


Help Musicians There will be a cash collection at each Beautiful World performance for Help Musicians (formerly the Musicians Benevolent Fund) who are currently offering vital support to thousands of musicians who have lost all their concert work as a result of the pandemic.

The London concerts on 21st June raised a total of £217 for Help Musicians. Many thanks to those who contributed so generously.

Registered charity No. 228089

Bringing live concerts back into our lives...

"One thing that remains clear is just how important live music is for so many of us"
Katie Derham, BBC Proms, September 2020

Beautiful World will not appear on-line. It is a real concert, bringing inspiring live musical performance back into communities large and small throughout the country, with that special uplifting quality that only live music-making can achieve.

Beautiful World concerts for 2021

Previous performances in

21st June 2021 at St Pancras Old Church

2nd August 2021 at the Chamber of Commerce


Future performances planned in

Caldbeck, Cumbria
Totnes, Devon
Poole, Dorset
Salisbury, Wiltshire
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Maldon, Essex

More details soon!

If you would like to receive further information by email, please use the CONTACT form on this website (click the yellow link)

Tickets for all Beautiful World performances

Just £8 per person

Click on the Ticket Source button to book your tickets

Ticket Price
This is a special price set to be affordable to as many people as possible during these difficult times, whilst still covering the essential expenses for promoting this live concert tour.

Seat allocation / social distancing
Tickets are available for single seats, or in 'bubbles' of two or three people. Social distancing means that availability is limited, so book now! (Only one household per 'bubble')
Tickets are sold in advance on-line via TicketSource - click this link or the 'BOOK NOW' button to go directly to the concerts page. Your name and contact details will be kept for the purposes of Track and Trace, in accordance with Government regulations. 

Cancellation of event
If any Beautiful World performance is cancelled as a result of Government COVID regulations at that time, you will receive a refund of your ticket payment.

Changes of details
These are challenging and often unpredictable times, and it may be necessary to change details with little or no notice. All ticket bookings are made on this basis.

Other UK venues
More Beautiful World performances for 2021 are planned, including concerts in Bedford, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, East Anglia, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, the Greater London area,  Poole (Dorset), Nantwich (Cheshire), Northumberland, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Totnes (Devon), West Midlands, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire - also in Wales, and in Scotland at Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Perthshire. Regular updates will appear on this webpage. If you live in an area where this event may be of interest please contact Laurence Perkins directly using the website CONTACT form (click this link).

Health and safety at Beautiful World concerts
(These details may change without notice, according to current Government regulations)

Arrival for the concert

When you arrive, you will be required to have a temperature test using a contactless infra-red thermometer provided for this purpose.  If your temperature is not within the guidelines, or if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a recent change in sense of smell or taste), you will not be admitted into the concert. No refund will be payable in these circumstances. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the Welcome Desk, and you will be expected to follow any one-way system and other Covid precautions set up by the venue. A record of your name and contact details will be kept for Track and Trace purposes.

During the concert

All audience members will be socially distanced when seated. When moving around the building, face masks must be worn. The seating layout will be socially distanced into ‘bubbles’ or single seats, and the performer will be located at least two metres from the nearest seated audience member during the performance.

After the performance

When the performance is finished, you will be invited to leave the building as soon as possible, following any one-way system set up by the venue.

Arrangements for disabled and vulnerable people

All special arrangements for disabled and vulnerable people will be in accordance with the practices and systems normally used and in place at that venue.