Blow the Wind Southerly

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A worldwide anthem for a better future

Music to take us away from 2020 with a sense of hope and optimism.  This new version of a well-loved traditional seafaring melody features the lyrical voice of the solo bassoon alongside an evocative soundscape of waves, winds and sea-birds.

The new single and limited-edition CD from Laurence Perkins
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Blow the Wind Southerly
young musicians' on-line project

Here is the video of your performance!

Enjoy beautiful sea images as you listen to your own performance of this famous seafaring melody.

Thank you for taking part in this free project! You can help to ensure that more events like this take place by contributing towards funding for future projects.

This educational project was set up by bassoonist Laurence Perkins, and is one of a number of enterprises set up and run by individual musicians, many of whom have little or no work or income during the Covid-19 pandemic. These projects can only continue with financial support to cover essential costs.

Please help if you can - any amount will enable Laurence Perkins to carry on with more music education work in 2021 and beyond. Thank you!

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Photo by Mike Bell
Photo by Mike Bell

Even before the pandemic, reports of music education services throughout the UK being reduced or eliminated altogether were a regular occurrence. Now, in the midst of the pandemic, we are unquestionably facing a major crisis in music education, with numerous reports of reduced or even a total absence of instrumental teaching, plus minimal class music in many schools and local authority areas. Music will only thrive - especially with young players - through regular involvement and continued inspiration. We now risk losing an entire generation of young musicians.

It is vital that the relevant Government ministers receive comments and feedback from YOU, and all members of the public who feel strongly about this. You can ask the Department for Education a question (which will be answered), or you can make a comment (which will not be replied to) - either way, click this link to connect directly to the relevant Government webpage.

It would also be really helpful if you would write to your MP expressing your views. Click HERE for help in finding your MP and the necessary contact details.

Our administrators need to hear the message that live music is not an unnecessary option, but has been - and remains - a vital part of all human societies throughout the world’s entire history. Music needs and deserves long-term investment, and - in this present difficult time - many of us now recognise very clearly just how incredibly important all music (and especially LIVE music) is to each and every one of us.

Thank you for your help in this vital matter!

Laurence Perkins (December 2020)

Project organiser, ‘Blow the Wind Southerly’