Britain wild journey

Britain wild journey panel v2

'Britain - a journey to wild places'

A new and unique concept in solo concerts
devised, performed and presented by LAURENCE PERKINS

The launch for this new concert programme has now been rescheduled for 2025, in order to develop and incorporate new audio technology for the performances. Watch this space!

In 2025, Laurence Perkins will be launching 'Britain - a journey to wild places' This is a new one-hour multimedia live concert, inspired by the recent BBC Television series* 'Wild Isles' with Sir David Attenborough.

The programme is a celebration of the British Isles, taking the form of a journey from Shetland to Land's End.

  • One-hour live performance (no interval) of classics, traditional and new music
  • A stunning range of original musical settings and natural soundscapes
  • Story-telling, including legends from the places featured in the programme
  • Images from the programme, projected in the concert performance area


The programme features

Shetland - the sea in Winter
MUSIC: 'The Day Dawns' (trad.)
STORY: 'The Seafarer' (excerpt) with sea soundscape

Loch Ness - a monster’s playground
MUSIC: 'The Banks of Loch Ness' (trad.)

LEGEND: The Loch Ness Monster

Bass Rock, and the Scottish Mozart
MUSIC by Thomas Erskine

STORY: Excerpt from ‘Catriona’ by Robert Louis Stevenson

From Italy to Hadrian’s Wall
MUSIC: Vivaldi: ‘Winter’ from ‘The Four Seasons’ - 2nd movement

STORY: A centurion sent from Italy to Northumberland

An Ireland free of Vikings
MUSIC: 'Brian Boru' March (trad.)

STORY: Brian Boru, High King of Ireland

Alderley Edge - a wizard’s army sleeps
MUSIC: Galliard (arr. LP): 'Alla Ciciliana - the music of magic spells'

LEGEND: The Wizard of Alderley Edge and the sleeping army

Snowdon - the world at your feet
'Eryri Wen' ('White Snowdon') (trad.)

STORY: 'The Ascent of Snowdon' from the book 'Wild Wales' by George Borrow (excerpt)

Sherwood Forest - the wild woods of Robin Hood
MUSIC: William Byrd (arr. LP): 'The Woods so Wild'

LEGEND: Robin Hood

The South Downs - songs of the birds
George Butterworth ‘The Cuckoo’, and 'Sweet Nightingale' (trad.) with birdsong soundscape

STORY: 'Among the Ferns' by Edward Carpenter (excerpt)

Zennor - a mermaid’s deadly song
MUSIC: Judith Bailey ‘The Mermaid of Zennor’ (new work, commissioned for this concert presentation)
LEGEND: The mermaid of Zennor (near St. Ives, Cornwall)

Land’s End - the beginning of the world
MUSIC: Playford ‘The Beginning of the World’

STORY: The end is the beginning...

There may be minor amendments to the programme content before the launch in August 2024.


One of the most original live music events of recent times, this programme will be launched in 2025, and will include extensive touring around the U.K.

More details will appear soon. If you would like to be the first to hear, click HERE and join the e-mailing list for notifications***. This invitation is equally for members of the public and concert / event promoters or organisers - all are welcome! The performance is suitable for adults and accompanied children aged 7 or over, and can be given in virtually any size of venue.


Watch this space for further updates!


*  The programme content for this live concert does not include any material from the BBC television series.
** There may be minor occasional variations in the practical  arrangements for certain venues.
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