Special Concerts

A concert in your area?

Whether you are based in a city, town, village or a remote part of the UK, a memorable live-music event could be yours! These concerts are hugely popular, suitable for a wide range of musical tastes, inexpensive, adaptable to most venues no matter how small or large - and a visit can include an inspiring school presentation at no extra charge. These performances are not available on-line - and in any case, there is no substitute for the live music experience!

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Beautiful World

Beautiful World is an inspiring one-hour musical journey around the world, featuring the expressive and versatile sound of the solo bassoon. Join Laurence Perkins in a musical exploration which includes a Scottish mountain, the English Malvern hills, a Serenade from Mexico, Latin American tango, a train journey from Vienna, a love song in Italy, and the high Alpine pastures of Switzerland. This unique programme includes wonderful and highly original musical settings, plus natural soundscapes including birdsong and the sound of the sea.

For a 75-second Beautiful World sampler, please click the video panel below.

Mountain programme includes Scottish music

"As far as the eye can see..."

This is a music-and-words performance - a journey through the hills and mountains of Britain and Ireland in melody, poetry and prose. Join Laurence Perkins in a exploration which - as a flexible programme - can be tailored to your preferences or your specific area (please enquire for details). Music includes traditional folk melodies from the areas featured in the programme, alongside works by Elgar, Alan Ridout, George Butterworth, David Bedford and Robin Walker. The readings include poems and excerpts from Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Emile Brontë, A E Housman, Oscar Wilde, Robert Burns and William Wordsworth.

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"As far as the eye can see..."

Excerpts from
Over the Hills by John Keats with Over the Hills and Far Away from The Beggar's Opera by John Gay
Ode to Pencerrig by Thomas Jones with a traditional Welsh melody Toryedd y Dydd (The Break of Day)
The Fairies by William Allingham with the traditional Irish tune The Fairy Dance
My Heart's in the Highlands by Robert Burns with Ye Banks and Braes
An Evening Walk by William Wordsworth with Twilight by Robin Walker.

For further details about this inexpensive and highly attractive flexible programme, please communicate with Laurence Perkins via the CONTACT form.


If you run a series of solo and/or chamber music concerts - and if you have a concert piano in your venue - see the repertoire page for details of a wide range of recital pieces that can be included in a concert. If you run a local amateur orchestra, the same page lists concertos that can be performed with your players, including some works where sets of orchestral parts are available for free loan.