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28 Chacontango DSC01078

Sunday 28th February



The finale to this 28-part ‘Bassoon Bites!’ series throughout February is my own composition - a tribute to the great Argentinian master of tango, Astor Piazzolla. However, it’s not just a tango. I’ve taken some of the rhythms and spicy harmonies often used by Piazzolla, and worked them into a Chaconne - a theme-and-variations form over a repeated bass line which was very popular with 18th century baroque composers. Chacontango is written for 5 bassoons and contrabassoon (now published by Emerson Edition) - I composed it and made this multitrack recording for ‘International Bassoon Day’ which was held on 11th October 2015. You can see details of the 2-month project which followed this event (consisting of 35 concerts, presentations and workshops throughout the U.K.) by clicking HERE.

Hear it LIVE!

Chacontango is one of the pieces featured in my new LIVE concert programme which will be touring the UK from June 2021 onwards. Entitled ‘Beautiful World’, this one-hour musical journey of the imagination takes you to wonderful places that we cannot visit at the moment - it’s the magic of live music! Do join me in LONDON on the first day of summer - Monday 21st June - for one of two performances that day, or other UK venues and dates which are being set up at this moment. For details video and audio samplers and on-line ticket bookings , please click HERE.

Did you miss any?

It’s been such fun sharing all these various pieces with you during this miserable lockdown time - a chance to bring some musical sunshine into our lives. However, I know that a few people  missed a programme or two en route and wanted the chance to hear them sometime, so I will be putting up all 28 posts on this page from Tuesday 2nd March, where they will remain for the rest of the month for you to enjoy, just whenever you wish! 

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If you browse the other pages on this website and my various Facebook posts (click HERE to see my Facebook page - FB friend requests are most welcome!), you will see my on-going commitment to musical performance and music education at all levels, helping everyone to discover and enjoy what has enriched my own life so much - the sheer joy of making music and sharing it with others.

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"Thank you so much for your bassoon project, it has introduced me to some music that I haven't heard before and is a bright spot in what can otherwise be a dreary day."

"Your wonderful series is part of my daily reflective routine. Thank you so much for the stimulating variety of the music and the fusion of music and words as well as glimpses of your photography. Today's offering was a beautiful example. Thank you so much."

“Beautiful playing"

“ (Bassoon Anthem) really shows the expansive range and the ability of the bassoon to paint huge landscapes” 

“I could smell the air and see the woods and glass and the church and the barn and... everything! Amazing! Thank you so much for your inspirational playing!” 

"That really was a beautiful performance"

"... it is a lovely gift to us all. I’m in a little WhatsApp group and I have encouraged them to listen."

"The recording in the woods is just wonderful!"

"Thank you, what a delight listening & journeying with Bassoon Voyager"

"Beautiful music and scenery....very relaxing!  Thank you for sharing!"

"The Saint Saens was magical, the piano rippling along with the stream and birdsong."

"Thank you for the series, which I'm very much enjoying. I've always loved the bassoon - ever since I first heard the grandfather tottering in to Peter and the Wolf! - so listening to its wider solo repertoire via your series is really enjoyable."

"Thank you for today’s offering. I absolutely loved it!"

"Love the combination of sound and sight. The beauty of each resonates with the other. Thank you!"

"Your daily programmes have been absolutely brilliant, I’ve listened to every single one and it really has been a inspiration to hear your playing through the years along with the beautiful photos and video as well as the poetry too. Amazing!"

"This is a brilliant idea, especially now, and most elegantly presented.  Musically and visually very cleverly chosen and paired works take us from day to day with interest and enjoyment."

"I've enjoyed Bassoon Inspiration immensely, and I have listened almost every day. I've enjoyed your choices of music immensely, you've demonstrated music I would never have found without you, and you've shown qualities of the instrument I had not known, and you've refreshed my passion for the instrument; thank you."

"Sadly the bassoon odyssey has come to an end. Have enjoyed every single note of it. In complete agreement with your message about access to music. Thank you for your inspiring bassoon work!"

"The programmes have truly been a source of inspiration for me, and have encouraged me to do more playing than I might otherwise have done during this enforced isolation."

"It was an absolute joy to listen to, such an exciting selection and to listen to your wonderful playing. I enjoyed each morning, more than I can explain. It meant such a lot to me."