Wind Serenades on-line

Wind Serenades on-line

Magical musical trips to Venice, the Tyrol in Austria and the Scottish Hebrides

Many thanks to all those players who took part in this special on-line project which ran through the pandemic lockdown in Spring 2021. Technology brought players together from as far apart as USA and Japan - each player contributed their individual part, recorded in their own homes to a specially prepared click-track, which were then synchronised with the other parts and combined with the images you see in these videos.

All players who took part are credited at the end of each video.

Giovanni Gabrieli: Sonata Pian e Forte
with images of Venice and St. Mark's Basilica

Anton Bruckner: Kyrie, from Mass in E minor
with images of the Tyrol region of Austria

Mendelssohn: Overture 'The Hebrides'
with images of the Scottish Hebridean islands

There are two video versions of the Mendelssohn piece, as this is performed 'one player to a part', and there were a sizeable number of players wishing to take part. Some are included in both, either on the same part or on different parts, while others are different in versions 1 and 2. Both videos are of the same musical arrangement, and feature the same photographic images. 


Version 1:

Michael Cave, Marion McGlone, Susan Ousby, Malcolm James, Sue Podbury, Steve Dumpleton, Michael Bishop, Max Pilotti, Philippa Dunstan, Naomi Carter, Lou Emmel, Tim Dornan, Joan Noble

Version 2:

Marion McGlone, Michael Cave, Malcolm James, Sue Ousby, Madeleine Watson, Sue Podbury, Max Pilotti, Jennifer Dale, Paul Sharrock, Susie Herman, Tim Dornan, Joan Noble